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Is Online Poker Becoming the Most Sought-after Game for the Indian Celebrities?

By: Team Aapkisaheli | Posted: 11 Feb, 2021

Is Online Poker Becoming the Most Sought-after Game
for the Indian Celebrities?
Poker is increasingly becoming popular in India, states Kunal Patni, one of Indias best poker
players who finished second place in the 2018 World Poker Tournament winning 96,000 euros.
Kunal further states that many youngsters play the game now, and some could be earning a
living playing poker.

Its apparent that lots of Indian Bollywood stars are passionate about gambling and are taking the
lead. Although some engage in real casino events, many have a high preference for games
offered in online casinos, mostly if they play online slots for real money. A brilliant example of
such a platform is the Lucky Nugget Casino. If you thought gambling was only a male celebs
hobby, you should guess again. Female Bollywood celebrities like Shilpa Shetty and Minisha
Lamba equally enjoy gambling.

Some Occasions Are not Over Without Betting
For Bollywood stars, some festivals like Diwali arenot over without some gambling activities.
Diwali festival is a great time to catch up with relatives and old friends and indulge in betting.

Moreover, plenty of famous places in the world are known for their exclusive gambling venues,
primarily casinos. Families and celebrities who visit such areas ensure they get the most casino
experience. In India, there are top-class gambling spots like Lucky Nugget Casino that offer the
best gambling experience. As such, players will get to enjoy online Roulette, Blackjack, Slots,
Progressives, and Video Poker.

There are many celebrities, male and female alike, who are thrilled with casino games. One of
the most famous Bollywood celebrities, Amir Khan, is not only a perfectionist movie star, but he
is also known for his great love for online poker. Amir often hosts grand card parties where he
invites exclusive Poker and Rummy enthusiasts. Another famous celeb, Akshay Kumar, is also
considered a gambling freak. He is said to have great luck when it comes to accumulating wins,
and he seldom loses. Other Bollywood gambling enthusiasts include Minisha Lamba, Jeetendra,
Raj Babbar, Harman Baweja, and more.

Is Gambling Legal In India?

Betting in India varies from one state to another. And although the Gambling Act, 1867 is the
law governing Indias betting industry, each state is entrusted with creating its gambling laws and
regulations. Subsequently, although betting is illegal in some parts of India, other states have
legalized online gaming. However, the general gambling law remains unclear in India. Despite
the ever-advancing technology and the enormous revenue generated by betting in the country,
the Courts in India are indecisive, and most states prohibit gambling activities, except a few.

In the age of advancing technology, people are connected through the internet. This means that
someone in India can gamble via a foreign website. Furthermore, there is no specific law that
regulates such an activity in the country. The lack of a specific law governing online betting
through an external server could be regulated by cyber law diligence or internet intermediary
compliance prescribed in foreign exchange revenue restriction. Most importantly, anyone
thinking of venturing into any form of gambling in the country must seek sound legal guidance
concerning the same to avoid legal issues.

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