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Dragon Tiger Online: How to Play the Best Games

By: Team Aapkisaheli | Posted: 11 July, 2023

Dragon Tiger Online: How to Play the Best Games
The eternal battle between the opposing forces of Dragon and Tiger has established its rightful place at the international online casino table as a testament of technological progress and globalisation.
The traditional Asian card comparison game Dragon Tiger can now be found on many gambling platforms next to all Western classics like slots, roulette, and blackjack.

Its simple rules and fast gameplay make it a preferred choice for a wide diversity of players and industry reports show that the game is attracting substantial gamer counts.

How to Play Dragon Tiger

Online Dragon Tiger can be played free in a RNG demo version, but if you want to experience the game with real money, you will need to do it from your own personal account at an online casino.

When it comes to gambling over the internet with real money, it is always preferable to stay away from sites that don’t have a proper license from a reputable authority like the MGA or the Government of Curaçao.

This article will guide you through all you need to know or do to play Dragon Tiger at Casino Days - one such trustworthy site that caters to desi players and has a wide selection of six live and nine RNG Dragon Tiger games from seven different providers.

The whole process of registration and playing the game at Casino Days looks like this:

1.       Go to the Casino Days site and click on “Sign up” to create an account, or “Log in” if you already have one.

2.       Make sure you have deposited an adequate bankroll with money you can afford to lose.

3.       Locate the Dragon Tiger game lobby or use the search feature.

4.       Select a game and click on it; the game will open.

5.       Place your bets on Dragon, Tiger, Tie or on any of the additional bet options and play responsibly.

The Best Dragon Tiger Games: Play With a Live Dealer

By far the best way to play Dragon Tiger online is in a live format with a real human dealer who deals real physical cards.

Live games are streamed in real time from dedicated casino studios with multiple high-def cameras combined with state-of-the-art animations and interactive elements.

The benefits of playing live games over games that do not have a live dealer are numerous, but can be summarised into the following:

●       Live dealer games are way more immersive and offer a genuine casino floor-like feel;

●       They provide a better gaming experience and allow players to interact with the dealer and with each other;

●       Instead of using video generated cards and random number generators, the dealers of live Dragon Tiger online games physically shuffle real decks of cards.

Live Dragon Tiger

Among the best variants of the game, and also the most popular one, is Live Dragon Tiger from Evolution.

This game offers an extra main bet option - the Suited Tie, with a payout of 50:1, besides the regular Tie bet which pays out 11:1, and the Dragon and Tiger bets with 1:1 payouts.

Evolution’s Dragon Tiger has a RTP of 96.27% for bets on Dragon or Tiger, and 89.64% and 86.02% for the Tie and Suited Tie bets respectively. Players can benefit from a wide range of boards with round history and statistics or play on the go.

Blazing Dragon Tiger

This live dealer game by OnAir is another choice for a Dragon vs Tiger game preferred by many players.

Blazing Dragon Tiger offers the regular three types of main bets - Dragon, Tiger, and Tie - plus a Suited Tie bet and range of side bets, such as wagering if the Dragon or Tiger card will be Odd, Even, Red, or Black with payouts of 1:1 and RTPs of 92.3%.

The game also offers a number of Roads or Roadmaps, that show previous results like the Bead Road or the Big Road, or show trends to help with prediction like the Big Eye Road, the Cockroach Road or the Small Roads.

Strategies that can be Applied for Winning at Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is one of the few casino games that can be played with the help of a betting strategy like the Fibonacci or the Gun & Run betting systems because it has bet options with odds close to 50/50.

The Martingale betting strategy, for example, recommends doubling your bet after every loss with the idea that the first win after a losing streak will recover all your losses with a small margin.

This is an example of how the Martingale betting system works: 1.       Your ₹5 bet loses;

2.       Your ₹10 bet loses;

3.       Your ₹20 bet loses;

4.       Your ₹40 bet wins ₹80. Your total bets so far amount to ₹75, so you have earned ₹5.

5.       Your next bet should be ₹5.

It’s crucial to always remember, though, that none of these strategies can guarantee a win, and if you are not careful with your bankroll discipline, they can bring a devastating loss.

Final Thoughts and Future of Dragon Tiger

According to many players, Dragon Tiger resembles the classic Western casino game baccarat, but is way simpler and faster, which makes it a perfect fit for today’s fast-paced world.

Whether squeezing in a few quick rounds on your smartphone while commuting to work, or playing at ease from the comfort of your living-room sofa, Dragon Tiger is set to remain among the main options for some online casino entertainment.  

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Dragon Tiger Online: How to Play the Best Games

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