5 ways: HE wants your attention!!,attention relationship

Whether they’re texting us pictures of their thermometers when they’re sick, or buying us flowers "just because," the men in our lives need to be noticed. Here, our panel of husbands confess the peculiar things they do to entice their wives.

5 ways: HE wants your attention!! He teases you ,attention relationship

"Every time my wife and I watch movies together, I make exaggerated fake crying noises during the really sappy or upsetting parts and poke fun at her for actually crying," says anant. "The first time we watched Love Story together I turned to her and asked, 'is this girl dead yet?' My wife thinks I'm insensitive, but really, pretending to be macho is the only way I can fight off my own tears during those gut-wrenching moments. Love Story is so sad!"

5 ways: HE wants your attention!! He acts like a clown,attention relationship

In order to get attention from their wives, men need to do something slightly wacky. "Getting into bed with a tuxedo on, or roller skating through the house serving her dinner can generate a good laugh and reduce tensions," a relationship expert says. "People have set ideas of how things happen from day to day, and whenever a routine changes, you end up on high-alert for danger. When you partner realizes there's no danger at all, the flush of adrenaline gets channeled toward gleefulness about you relationship."

5 ways: HE wants your attention!! He wears your favorites,attention relationship

"Though I'm more of a soap and water kind of guy, whenever I take my wife on a date, I wear the cologne she bought me," says rishabh, 32. "The smell always gets her attention. I'll also put on a shirt she got me — even if it’s pastel."

5 ways: HE wants your attention!! He learns what works for you,attention relationship

"Usually men start by resorting to things that don't work to get attention, but that would work great for them in reverse," says Dr. Haltzman. "For instance, if a woman were to strip off all her clothes and prance across the room, a man would definitely tune in. Men catch on sooner or later that this won't work in reverse because women are not simply looking for hot bodies, but to connect in meaningful ways."

5 ways: HE wants your attention!! He pretends not to know you,attention relationship

"My wife and I have been married for six years, which isn't a lifetime, but we like to spice things up," says pranay, 32. "Every so often, when we go to a bar, I approach her as if we've never met and try to pick her up. We have this really fun fantasy night. Sometimes we even use accents. Creating stories together and being able to laugh helps to remind her how much fun we had when we first started dating."

WHAT her body is telling to you: easy ways!!,attention relationship

The female body. It's a work of art and well deserves to be admired, while clothed or naked. Just look for these subtle signs to understand what she's thinking and feeling.

WHAT her body is telling to you: easy ways!! Eyelashes,attention relationship

Hold her gaze for a minute. If she's blinking more than normal, there's a good chance she's on the Pill; women on birth control blink 32 percent more than those who aren't. Aside from the obvious, what does that mean for you? Put on your toughest, most confident mug as you look at her. Because of the shift in hormone levels, research says, women on the Pill are more attracted to men with rugged features, such as strong, wide jaws.

WHAT her body is telling to you: easy ways!! Brain,attention relationship

She's matching you drink for drink, you're starting to feel like reenacting Animal House, but she seems like her same old self. What's the deal? Men and women get different kinds of buzzes: Men lose inhibitions, while women become sedated. If you're looking to get her into the party spirit, don't feed her more alcohol. Instead, feed the jukebox. Research shows that mid- to fast-tempo music will make her more social.

WHAT her body is telling to you: easy ways!! Belly,attention relationship

Want to know if it's a good or bad time to broach a tricky conversation? You can tell if she's suitably relaxed by her breathing pattern. If her stomach pulls in with each inhalation, she's taking shallow breaths from her chest, which indicates stress. Keep your distance. If her abdomen and chest expand with each inhalation, she's taking deeper, more rhythmic breaths—a sign of relaxation. Go for it.

WHAT her body is telling to you: easy ways!! Fingernails,attention relationship

Pay attention to her fingers; among the surest signs of anxiety or depression in a woman are body-focused repetitive behaviors, such as skin picking and nail biting. If you see her doing that, don't nag her to stop; that can send her deeper into a spiral. Instead, gently pull her hand away, give it a squeeze, and hold on to it. Feel the tension ooze right out.

WHAT her body is telling to you: easy ways!! Pupils,attention relationship

If she's feeling stimulated by you (not just sexually), her pupils will dilate. That's because her body is programmed to want to see more of whatever's exciting her, so her brain tells her irises to let in more light.

Bonus: As the inkiness spreads, she'll start looking better to you, too. Research shows that men rate women with larger pupils as more attractive.

6 SIGNS to know he ll be great in bed!!,attention relationship

Want to know whether he’ll be good in bed before you agree to that second date? Discover the 5 tell-tale signs that reveal whether he’s likely to be hot (or not) between the sheets...

6 SIGNS to know he ll be great in bed!! He has a big appetite,attention relationship

Want a man who makes love with gusto? Suggest a dinner date and watch how he eats. After all, how he tucks into his food should give you a good indication of how he might nibble on your ears, neck, toes… and everywhere else in between.

6 SIGNS to know he ll be great in bed!! Body language doesnt lie,attention relationship

It’s estimated that 93 percent of human communication is via body language and tone – and only 7 percent is conveyed by the actual words we use. When it comes to talking sex, the body doesn’t lie.If you’re on your first date and notice that he avoids eye contacts, sits back and away from you or has his arms folded, it’s not worth having a second date – no matter what he says.

6 SIGNS to know he ll be great in bed!! He dresses well  but not too well,attention relationship

We all want a man who looks good – but if he has more lotions and potions and takes longer to get ready than you, it doesn’t bode well.If he's a complete peacock - obsessed with his looks and skin care regime - he may
not like 'messy' fun in bed. And he might be more concerned with the way he looks in the mirror then letting go for a hot romp.

6 SIGNS to know he ll be great in bed!! He is good with money,attention relationship

While money can’t buy you love (or make you great in bed), there’s a lot you can tell about a man from his ‘relationship’ with money.“If he flashes the cash and tries to show off through money he'll probably put on a ‘performance’ in bed but not actually ask you what you want,” says Pam. “Such men usually have a tried-and-tested sex routine and don't bother finding out what a new partner likes, so you'll have to tell him loud and clear what works for you.”

6 SIGNS to know he ll be great in bed!! He is a great talker,attention relationship

Have you noticed what he does with his hands when he talks? According to the experts, how a man gestures reveals what kind of lover he will make. And if he can’t help expressing himself with his hands over dinner, just imagine what use he’ll put them to in bed."Hand gestures can reveal a great deal about a man's sexual personality," says expert.

6 Ways to get your partner close to you again...,attention relationship

A few simple but important changes can shift the focus from the children back to the couple – at least enough of the time to re-establish parents as loving mates.

6 Ways to get your partner close to you again... Establish a date night,attention relationship

We can only be romantic if there is time for romance. Set aside one evening a week for date night. If possible, get a sitter and go out. If you can’t afford a sitter, consider swapping off child care with a friend or starting a childcare co-op. Spending that time together gives you and your spouse time to reconnect.

6 Ways to get your partner close to you again... Reconsider the kids schedules,attention relationship

In many cases, each child had three different activities outside of school. That’s a total of nine different activities times the number of hours per week each one required. We counted it up. The couple was spending almost 32 hours a week transporting and witnessing kid-events. No wonder they had no time for each other! By cutting back to two activities per kid per week, they freed up 10 hours to do other things.

6 Ways to get your partner close to you again... Balance tag-teaming with couple time,attention relationship

To keep child care costs down, James and Cindy were often taking turns at parenting so each could pursue their own interests. It’s certainly fair. It does let each person have some time to be with his or her own friends. But if it isn’t balanced with couple time, tag-teaming can mean the couple primarily sees each other during hectic hand-offs of the kids.

6 Ways to get your partner close to you again... Find an activity you can enjoy together,attention relationship

It can be anything from serving on a town committee to hiking or dancing to participating in a class or club. Or you might want to find a way to spend regular adult time with adult friends. You need something to talk to each other about besides the children’s activities and whether the lawn needs mowing this weekend.




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